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The Founder: Since 1975

EBRAHIM MOOS was born in Port Elizabeth and completed his schooling at Oaklands High School in Cape Town. After working in the building field for over 15 years, he went to Gezira Language School in Cairo to learn Arabic. Thereafter he entered the Technical Institute of Hotels in Cairo. At the same time he studied Hotel Management at the American University in Cairo for 2 years. He later joined The Bahaudien Group of hotels and was appointed Marketing Manager. As part of his duties, he travelled between Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Portugal, France, London and Mauritius in order to market and manage the Bahaudien Group Hujaaj for Sheik Emad Bahaudien.

In 1989, the Bahaudien Group opened a reservation office in Johannesburg, South Africa which was the first of its kind. All bookings for the group hotels were done in South Africa and being the Marketing Manager, he was responsible for outbound tourism. In additional to this, he managed the Haj and Umrah groups for the entire company. This was a challenge and much valuable experience was gained whilst in the Groups employ.

During February 1992, he started his own travel agency office in Malaysia and Indonesia and in 1995, he came to Cape Town. It was at that time that he had meetings and discussions with his family about forming a new company, Asaabireen Travel & Tours.

Asaabireen Travel provides extensive travel services, both inbound and outbound that caters for all travel needs, specialising in providing superior service in respect of the Haj and Umrah operation.

Asaabireen Travel and Tours is niche player in the travel agency business with emphasis on delivering guaranteed world class travel service and customised packages to its various target markets.

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